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Fruits of Kashmir is a certified organic anti-ageing face oil.
It is made to a recipe developed by the women of the remote Himalayan mountains, who live in the most extreme conditions, and yet are renowned for their beautiful skin.

This blend is both deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating with extract of rosemary to prevent the appearance of premature ageing. It rejuvenates and instantly revitalises the skin for a radiant, dewy look.

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Why use oil ?

The Benefits

Why is oil so good for the skin?

Our skin cells are held together by lipids, which are a type of fatty substance – but as we age we produce less oils – so it’s our job to replace that oil.

Supporting the skin’s lipid barrier helps prevent dehydration by locking in the skin’s moisture. Hydrated skin looks soft, smooth and radiant.

If you don’t replace the oil skin starts to wrinkle and sag, as it becomes dehydrated and can age the appearance of your skin.

Oils are FAT loving. Our skin is held together by oils, they absorb into the skin very quickly and more often than not, you will be able to see the results immediately.

After a month, your friends will be commenting on your new found radiance and will be begging you for your secret.

The Benefits:

Rejuvenates and instantly revitalises the skin for a radiant, dewy, look.
Improves the skins, condition and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Feeds the skin with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants to combat dehydration.
Absorbs into the skin quickly.
Leaves skin looking plumper, fresher, hydrated and brighter.

The Ritual

Use day and night instead of moisturiser & serum

Release 3 drops of the oil into the palm of the hands.
Warm the oil by gently rubbing hands together.
Close your eyes and breathe in the aroma.
Relax and let your mind focus on your skin.
Then press the warm oil into your forhead, cheeks, chin, and neck.
let the oil absorb into your skin.

A simple, calming ritual suitable for all skin types to instantly rejuvenate and revitalise the skin for a radiant look.

how to apply Fruits of Kashmir Face oil to your skin.

how to care for your oil.

To keep your oil in good condition, we recommend, you keep it in a cool dry place, in its box, after every application.

What’s our Story?

Fruits of Kashmir is a certified organic anti-ageing face oil,
made to a recipe developed by the women of the remote Himalayan mountains, who live in the most extreme conditions, and yet are renowned for their beautiful skin. These resourceful women have passed down through the generations oil-blend recipes that use only the natural ingredients available to them. These blends have been tried, tested and perfected through the ages so you can be sure they are both safe and effective. This recipe has been passed down to Saira by her mum and is now bought to you.

Experience the Himalayan recipe to revitalise your skin.


These are rural, hardworking mountain women, who are exposed to extreme seasons, winds and fluctuations in temperature that can stress the skin.

They live an extremely natural, untampered life. There is nothing around them other than what nature provides,
so over generations they have adapted to their environment and become very resourceful and wise in resolving their health and beauty challenges.

For them beautiful skin, is about healthy skin. It’s about taking care of your skin and protecting it and supporting it’s ability to resist the elements.

It’s also about well-being rituals that harness the power of nature to help feel good and look good.

Experience the wisdom of the women from the Himalayas, who for centuries have protected their skin from the harsh and extreme mountain climate – their perfected blend of oils can work for you too.

SAIRA skin products have been manufactured in accordance with the following Soil Association and Cosmos Organic guidelines:

  • Products are never tested on animals.
  • Contains no genetically modified (GM) ingredients.
  • Use natural colours and fragrances from plants and flowers which. are gentler on your skin and for the environment.
  • Do not use silicone oils or derivatives.
  • Follow the principles of green chemistry and minimise waste
    and pollution.

Why Organic?

I believe that by using Organic ingredients in all of my formulations, I am providing you with the most luxurious, natural skincare products money can buy.

My face oil is 100% natural and 98.4% of those ingredients are organic, as certified by The Soil Association and Cosmos Organic – this means that that every ingredient can be traced back to it’s orginal source. Certified organic ingredients have been farmed without pesticides and their natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients are naturally preserved, making them effective and better for your skin.

We are respectful of other people’s values and have certified our product Vegan, and Halal

Discover the power of this luxurious organic face oil, which provides anti ageing benefits and gives an instant radiance to the skin as soon as it is applied.

Fruits of Kashmir

Face Oil At a glance

Name – Saira Skin

Range name – Fruits of Kashmir

Product – Anti-ageing Face Oil

Organic – 98.4% organic (as certified by the SOIL ASSOCIATION & COSMOS ORGANIC)

Contains – Rosamox™ (a powerful anti-ageing ingredient) and the traditional Kashmiri ingredients Mulberry, Fig, Pomegranate, Apricot Kernal & Sweet Almond

Uses – Moisturiser, Primer, Booster, Treatment Oil & After Sun

Application – Twice daily

Benefits – Helps prevent the signs of premature ageing, hydrates, calms, heals, balances (for those with oily skin), restores and brightens

Size – 30ml

Price – £55.00 + FREE DELIVERY (UK ONLY)

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What our Customers say

“Saira’s Fruits of Kashmir face oil is my favourite Sunday morning treat…’s the only day when I don’t need to wear make up so I scrape my hair back, cleanse my face and slather it in on. Not only does it smell delicious but it feels beautiful too. I don’t like products that are too greasy but this oil is light, sinks in really quickly and leaves my skin feeling beautifully nourished……it’s definitely a favourite in my beauty cabinet!”

Ruth Langsford – Tv Presenter

“I adore Saira’s facial oil and won’t go to bed without it. My skin is gorgeously soft and hydrated. Oh and it smells divine too”

Nadia Sawalha – Tv Presenter


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1. Why Organic?

I believe that by using organic ingredients in all of my formulations, we are providing you with the best possible ingredients of the highest quality. Our oil is 100% natural and 98.4% of those natural ingredients are organic as certified by Soil Association and Cosmos Organic. Every single ingredient can therefore be traced back to its original source. Using organic ingredients on the skin guarantees that they have been farmed without pesticides and their natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients are naturally preserved making them better for you.


2. What does the Soil Association and Cosmos Organic symbol mean?

The symbol on our products will reassure our customers that Saira Skin products have been manufactured to strict quality guidelines and:

• Are free from synthetic colours and fragrances

• Are free from silicone oils and GM ingredients

• They meet the exacting high standards set by both organisations, with minimal impact on the environment

• They have are not tested on animals

• The claims we have made have been independently verified

• Our business is committed to safety, sustainability and fairness – all the way down the supply chain

The Soil Association and Cosmos Organic certification means that our customers can be assured that our organic products contain what they say they contain, and that this has been independently verified. Our manufacturing, packaging and storage of the product all meet the strict guidelines as set out in the Soil Association and Cosmos standard.

¹“If your product is based on oils and extracts then 95% of the ingredients must be organic to obtain COSMOS organic certification”

¹Source: Soil Association.

3. What was the manufacturing process used to make the face oil?
We have infused fruits of fig and mulberry in sweet almond oil using the age old process of maceration (soaking) and then used high specification filtration processes to leave a beautifully pure high quality base for the face oil. This is then blended with the carefully selected oils of apricot kernel and pomegranate to complete the base to which Rosamox is added to give you a rich and nourishing oil for the skin.

4. What is the fragrance?
The face oil fragrance was developed using a unique blend of 9 organic essential oils which were selected to evoke the natural scent of the region and include: Organic petitgrain, cinnamon, rose, ginger, cumin, black pepper, neroli and cedarwood which have been blended together to create an unforgettable scent that lingers on the skin to uplift the senses.

5. What sort of skin types will benefit from Fruits of Kashmir?
• Dry skin

• Mature skin/Ageing skin

• Normal skin

• Oily skin

• Sensitive and sensitized skin (but always do a small patch test first)

• Sun exposed and damaged skin

6. Can people with acne use Fruits of Kashmir face oil?
Yes, the facial oil can be used by people who have acne prone skin. The oil is light and sinks into the skin leaving it feeling moisturised and hydrated. The regular use of the oil prevents the over production of the skin’s natural oils which cause acne.

7. whats are the ingredients?

Prunus armeniaca Kernel Oil*

Argania spinosa Kernel Oil*

Vitis vinifera Seed Oil*

Prunus amygdalus dulcis Oil*

Persea gratissima Oil*

Olea europaea Fruit Oil*

Glycine soja Oil*

Morus nigra Fruit Extract*

Ficus carica Fruit Extract*

Punica granatum Seed Oil*

Camellia oleifera Seed Oil*

Oenothera biennis Oil*

Helianthus annuus Seed Oil


Citrus sinensis Peel Oil Expressed*

Citrus aurantium Flower Oil*

Citrus aurantium amara Leaf/Twig Oil*

Cedrus atlantica Bark Oil*

Piper nigrum Fruit Oil*

Zingiber officinale Root Oil*

Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Extract

Cinnamomum zeylanicum Bark Oil*

Nigella sativa Seed Oil*

Rosa damascena Flower Oil*







* Denotes organic ingredient